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  February 1-3, 2017                                                                    Berkeley, CA  USA
    Advanced Lactation Update and IBLCE Exam Strategies Featuring 
        Molly Pessl RN, BSN,  IBCLC, FILCA
      This 2.5 day course will help prepare you for the April IBLCE exam and inform 
      your research based practice

  March Conference
    We will not be hosting a conference this March (2017). Please check back late in the year for the     2018 schedule. 

  September 6-8, 2017                                                                Berkeley, CA USA
      Advanced Lactation Update and IBLCE
     Exam Strategies Featuring 
          Molly Pessl RN, BSN, IBCLC, FILCA
    This 2.5 day course will prepare you for the October IBLCE exam and inform 
    your research based practice

  October 23-27, 2017                                                                  Berkeley, CA  USA
    Foundations for Best Practice in Lactation     
    Care Featuring
        Molly Pessl RN, BSN,  IBCLC, FILCA
    This is a five-day, 45 CERP, Lactation Educator (CLE) Course

  November 3-4, 2017                                                                  Berkeley, CA  USA
    Annual Fall 2-Day Conference
        James J. McKenna Ph.D
        Bernice L. Hausman Ph.D
        Katie Hinde Ph.D
        Aunchalee E. L. Palmquist Ph.D, IBCLC
        E. A. Quinn Ph.D
        Cecelia Tomori Ph.D